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FSRD Usakti Library Unit is a unit that provide, manage, save, maintain also serve to get and to return the references as the important resources to the science development and increase the result of the learning process at Faculty of Arts and Design. The FSRD Usakti Library has a responsibility to manage the best references so they can be used effectively by all people at the university especially the lecturers and students from FSRD Usakti.

Occupaying the building P 2nd floor around 200m2 that were activated by a Head and two administration staffs; The FSRD-Usakti Library has been trying hard to fulfill the functions such as giving the services of borrowing and returning its collections, browsing the information through internet and photocopy service. The FSRD Library Collections are around 7900 book exemplars and around 10 journals and magazine subscriptions.

1. Functions
The Library Functions are :
a. As the supporting fasilities especially to support the teaching and learning activities.
b. As the facilities to deepen the skills and research especially at the Arts and Design sectors.
c. As the source of information and ideas/trendsetters about the design development domestically and internationally.

2. Location
The Faculty Library right now is placed at the Building P 2nd floor (Room P201-P202).

3. CollectionsThe library book collections of Faculty of Arts and Design consist of:
a. Books (textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionary, standards, etc) are total 7900 exemplars.
b. Journals and science magazines are total 10 titles,
Library Collection Scopes consist of many knowledges are related to the education, teaching, researching especially the Interior Design, Product Design and Visual Communication Design, also Photography.

4. Library Service
The library uses the opened service system that enables every visitor to access the information (books/magazines) directly to the rack rows. The book structures at the racks are managed with the classification number of the Dewey Decimal  Classification (DDC), 21st Edition 1996.
The library service that you get:
  1. Borrowing Service : Borrowing the  library books are only for students/lecturers/staff FSRD-Usakti.The books can be brought home are text books.
  2. Photocopy Order Service : The library provides the photocopy order service for the visitors.
  3. Internet Service : The internet service is a browsing service through internet. Nowadays the FSRD library has 4 terminals provided to the students.

5. Memberships
Only students, lecturers or FSRD staffs can be the library members. To be a member, the future member must fill the form to activate the membership, completed by:
  • 1 (one) piece of the last payment slip copy/KRS (for students).
  • 2 (two) pieces of photo 2x3cm.
  • Has followed the Introduction Course (User Consult)
The library memberships are stopped if:
  1. Not a student of FSRD anymore.
  2. The Students have Graduated.
  3. The Students are Withdrawn themselves.
  4. The Students are Dropped Out.
  5. The Students disobey the library rules. Every semester the membership  should be registered again

6. The Library Regulations.
   A. Opening Hour:
       The library opens every working day from :
Monday – Friday : Open from 08.00 – 16.00                                      
Tuesday – Thursday : Open from 08.00 - 18.00                                           
Saturday : Open from 09.00 – 12.00
   B. The Regulations for Visitors
  1. For safety of the library collections, every visitor isn’t allowed to bring bags, folders, jackets to the collection rooms. The lockers are provided. Don’t leave the money or valuable things there. While you are in the library, lost anything is not the responsibility of the library.
  2. Every visitor must fill the library guest book.
  3. The library rooms are the place for reading and studying. Every visitor must keep quiet, orderliness and cleanliness the library rooms.
  4. Visitors are not allowed to eat, drink, and smoke at the library rooms.
  5. The visitor that disobeys the rules will be brought out from the library rooms.
   C. The Borrowing Rules
       1. The Borrowing Procedures
  1. Showing the library membership cards 
  2. The books borrowed should be given to the officers to be put at the library system and be released from the safety magnet.
  3. The books borrowed are the responsibility of the borrower and isn’t allowed to be lent to others.
        2. Total books borrowed
            The library members can borrow books maximalize :
      a. 2 (two) titles for ordinary student.
      b. 3 (three) titles for a students who is doing thesis
      c. 4 (four) titles for lecturers
        3. BorrowingTime
  1. For Ordinary students, it can be 7 (seven) days, and 14 (days) for a student who is doing the thesis.If there is still no request for the book, it can be borrowed once again.
  2. For Usakti staffs (lecturers, researchers, and staffs).For those who are the members of the library, the time limit to bring home the books is  14 (fourteen) days. It can be extended for maximum 2 times if the member reports to the circulation officer.
  3. Thesis. Magazines/journals and reference collections (dictionaries, encylopedias, handbooks, atlas, bibliography, yearbooks, law, standards) cannot be brought home. The collections are only to be read there or photocopied.   
   D. Sanctions
  • Sanctions charged to the borrowers who are late to return the books exceeded the time limit such as:
    • Rp. 1000,-/book/day for the normal collections
    • Rp. 1000,-/book/day hour for the obligation collections and references
  • The lateness for 15 (fifteen) days will get the written warning beside the administration sanctions, and if they disobey that membership will be cancelled.
  • The lost books/damaged must be changed with the same books, or money three times from the real price lost at that time, including the administration procedure fee.
  • The rules about the sanctions given to all library members.
  E. Free to borrow
  1. For students who are following the thesis must ask the Letter of Free to Borrow prepared by the Faculty Library continued to ask the Free to Borrow to the university.
  2. For the 1st/4th Semester students, books borrowed must be returned before the semester holidays start, and for holidays aren’t allowed to be borrowed the library collections.

7. Personnels
The Head of the Library Unit : Erna Meiliana , SS
The Library Staffs : 1. Tatang Hermana ( Circulation Section)
    2. Rusman ( Processing Section)
FSRD USAKTI Library Collection Information, click to; http.:// 
FSRD USAKTI Online Book Catalogue Information, click this link below:

Picture 1. The Library Collection Room

Picture 2. The Library Collection Room

Picture 3. The Library Circulation Room

Picture 4. The Library Reading Room

Picture 5. The Library Reading Room

Picture 5. The Library Reading Room
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